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LOOK ONLINE - HEIN LDA é o representante da HELBRECHT optics para o Brasil, Portugal e Espanha.
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HLT® Quality Lenses
for clear vision – in many colors!

HLT®-Qualitätslinsen HLT® quality glasses for an uncompromised vision! Our HLT® quality lenses offer a considerable improvement of the visual conditions thanks through a clear and sharp rendition without optical distortions or inaccurate object formation! Our HLT® plastic glasses are, of course, available in all the colors and techniques we offer. Also available as polarized glasses as well as photochromic so-called intelligent glasses (phototropic glasses).

Our lenses enable even more precise vision than conventional lenses. This makes HLT® glasses the best choice for road traffic, extreme sports and military use.

We offer this special HLT® lens technology over the entire range of our glasses of different lens tints and techniques. Our lens palette covers a wide range of light transmittances (filter categories) and a variety of tints and techniques, such as: contrast-increasing, polarized, phototropic or special night glasses.



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