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We have an average of approximately 250.000 glasses in stock. At peak times even up to 300.000 pieces. All shown glasses are therefore immediately available! On our website we only offer glasses, which are already produced and in stock at our facility. This is valid for our own production (House & Licence-brands) as well as for our trading brands. For individual production of glasses in prescription (after customer specification) we usually need 5 15 days Made in Germany.

Helly Helbrecht Owner HELBRECHT optics

House brands

  • COR
    COR - Custom Optic Revolution – Already in the 1950s Rockabillies and Rockabellas stood out from the fashion mainstream. Often the small things make all the difference, especially today. With the right eyewear character types give themselves a special appearance. Whether with sunglasses or glasses with prescription with our Brand COR we offer options, to effectively express your personal style.
  • HBE
    Helly BikereyesProtection and design - Made for Biker
    We didnt invent glasses, but we did it with biker glasses!
    Hellys biker glasses, which have reached a cult following already for a long time, have their roots in the MC-scene. Its not only the design and ergonomics which turn these glasses into the best biker glasses. It is particularly the multitude of technical innovations like the high quality HLT plastic lenses, which cover both eyes like a protective shield. All Helly Bikereyes even withstand a ballistics test. The double-sided anti-fog coating as well as the UV400-filter ensure a safe and clear view. Amongst other things the magazine MOTORRAD confirmed the quality of the glasses in an extensive test (Issue 16|2014) with very good.
  • HSE
    HSE SportEyes – the sports eyewear line, rooted in motorsport. High quality sports glasses, which offer protection and a sporty design for a fair price. HSE-Racing glasses are primarily designed to ensure a pleasant comfort in regard to wearing a helmet. Of course, our sports glasses are also available as glasses with prescription MADE IN GERMANY.
  • SKI
    Skipper POLARIZED Eyewear – If light is reflected from a shimmering surface (i.e. water), it is bundled horizontally and it glares. Our polarized HLTpolarized quality glasses with a middle thickness up to 2mm belong to the Champions League of Pol-glasses. Thanks to our high quality HLT-glasses practically 100% of glaring sunlight is eliminated. Of course we also manufacture individual glasses in prescription here.

Licensed brands

  • ACE
    Accept - Accept is a German heavy metal band that was founded in the 1970s in Solingen and was in the 1980s besides music band "Scorpions" one of the best international-known groups of the German Rock-scene. Accept is now regarded as a pioneer of German Heavy Metal. A band with "cult-status", which, after a break, took off again in 2009 with singer Mark Tornillo. Today the band is now at home in Nashville / USA.
  • KHS
    KHS TACTICAL OPTICS - In collaboration with KHS original equipment manufacturer and specialist for tactical watches originated an assortment of special tactical glasses, which even exceed military specifications for ballistic protection. Tactical glasses in prescription according to military standards - can be manufactured individually, of course: MADE IN GERMANY. From special tints up to clear glasses for NVG-missions can be found in the KHS collection.
  • Harley-Davidson glasses
    Harley-Davidson - Eyewear with built-in cult status. This is what brand glasses by Harley-Davidson offer! The motorcycles have been manufactured in Milwaukee / USA since 1903 and enjoy an exceptionally high reputation in the world. Like the cult motorcycles from the USA, we also offer this exclusive Harley-Davidson Eyewear collection, biker fashion for the highest demands on quality and style Design. The custom-made eyewear in your prescription is made in our in-house grindery, of course: MADE IN GERMANY.
  • Indian Motorcycle glasses
    Indian Motorcycle - Eyewear with style. That's what the Indian Motorcycle glasses offer! Indian Motorcycle was founded in 1901 and has over the years captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. Like the legendary motorcycles of the first motorcycle manufacturer from the USA, we offer high quality with this Indian Motorcycle eyewear collection. The individual production of your glasses in prescription takes place in our in-house grindery, of course: MADE IN GERMANY.


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